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Rapid Development

We leverage existing tools, APIs, and workflows to quickly prototype and then iterate, refine, and polish the final product.


Even the most incredible visuals won't win over players unless they're back up with state of the art animation. We use animation blending and mixing to ensure that your characters move smoothly but are always responsive. We use a combination of skeletal animation and blend shapes to lip sync and for eye & head tracking.

AI and Pathfinding

Need NPCs who think for themselves? Elite solders who can track, flank, harry, lay down cover fire? Or rich characters who go about their daily lives, immersing the player into a fantastical new world? Our experience with a range of pathfinding algorithms and NPC behaviours will craft it for you.


Performance is always our watchword and we ensure that your game always hits frame rate targets on all hardware. We can optimize shaders, add level of detail, implement culling, pare back visual effects or optimize AI, navigation, etc. in order to increase frame rate without compromising on gameplay or visual fidelity.




We always make your game looks its very best. High quality dynamic or baked lighting is a must. Then we use custom shaders and post processing effects, even in 2D games, really make your visuals pop.


Cross Platform

We make extensive use of cross-platform tools and APIs to ensure that your games work on as many platforms as possible. Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported on desktop. For mobile games, we target iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We are registered developers with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, if you also wish to target consoles.



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