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ViDiC - The Digital Display Case

Bring your display cases to a brand new, online audience or setup on-site kiosks to encourage visitor interaction and allow your visitors to get more from their visits.

  • Supports massive images (400 megapixels and beyond!)

  • Extensive text formatting capabilities.

  • Full customization and branding available.

  • Powerful yet easy to use.

  • Real-time analytics.

  • Publish to iOS, Android, Touchscreen PC, and most web browsers.

Deep Zoom

ViDiC's "Deep Zoom" technology allows visitors to get closer than ever to your collection. Ultra-high resolution photos are used to show more detail than you could ever see with the naked eye. Perfect for those tiny objects like coins & jewelry, which are too small to see clearly from distance.

Publish to the Web
Bring your collection to a brand new audience with ViDiC for WebGL which enables you to take your digital display cases online. Integrate them into your website and visitors can view extraordinary closeups of your valuables without ever leaving their home. ViDiC supports all major desktop and mobile browsers and thanks to our compression technology, your pages will load in just seconds.

On-Site Kiosks
Alternatively, you may want to create on-site experiences for your visitors and ViDiC can do that too. ViDiC runs on iPad and Android tablets of all shapes and sizes so you can create a kiosk app that supplements your physical display cases, providing contextual text information, additional views and incredible close-ups.

ViDiC's entire end-user interface is a plugin theme so you can easily switch between different visual styles without changing any of your content or layout. If none of the standard themes suit your needs, we can create a completely customized theme featuring your chosen branding, color schemes, fonts, icons, etc.

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