The Virtual Display Case (or ViDiC for short) allows you to use standard tablet/touchscreen devices to reproduce your physical display cases. ViDiC lets you supplement your traditional display cases with interactive "virtual" cases which gives you the ability to show items in much greater detail and gives your visitors incredible close-ups without them having to touch your valuable and fragile exhibits. You could even use virtual cases to show items which are currently on loan, being worked on, or for which you don't currently have enough space to display.

Allow visitors to get closer than ever to your priceless antiquities with our "Deep Zoom" technology. Ultra-high resolution photos are used to show more detail than you could ever see in a regular display case with the naked eye. ViDiC lets you zoom in so far that you can see every tiny detail in the objects. Perfect for those tiny objects like coins, jewelry, and tools which are too small to see clearly from distance.

With a regular display case, your visitors only get one view of the objects within but with ViDiC, there are no such limits. Add as many views for each item as you wish and your visitors can switch back and forth between them freely. Perfect for objects like coins where the details on the obverse sides can never normally be seen. And each secondary view can have as much detail as your primary views.

Add text information to each of your items to provide more information, tell a story, or show references. By default, each item has a title, description and index number but you can add as many additional fields of metadata as you need. Accession numbers, dates, countries of origin, references, provenance, donors, and more can be added to your item metadata and then displayed next to your items in the item view.

Don't like how ViDiC looks? So tell us how you'd like it to look and we'll create a custom theme which you can plug in. The entire end-user interface is themeable, so you can make your version of the app look completely different from everyone else's. Set your own background image for the case, rearrange the UI, change colors, icons, fonts, and more. ViDiC also has dozens of text formatting options including: alignment, color, font weight, font style, font size, spacing, indentation, smallcaps, margins, lists, and more.

You don't even need a workstation or laptop to create your case layouts. ViDiC has its editing tools built in and everything is available live on your tablet device. Simply switch into edit mode to add new items, move items around, resize them, change images, add text metadata, and more. You don't even need to plug into a computer to transfer content onto your tablet as ViDiC can import your assets directly from Google Drive and Dropbox*. When your design is complete, disable edit mode and your visitors can interact with your virtual case without being able to make any changes to your layouts.

ViDiC is currently in beta testing and will be available later in 2019. For more information or a quote, please contact us at or use our contact form.



* Support for other cloud storage platforms in development.


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