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Our Projects

National Gallery of Art, DC
National Gallery of Art in DC

The National Gallery of Art app is one of the most complex of all of the visitor navigation and exploration apps we developed with Guidekick's technology. Originally designed to use artist-created maps, the client decided to switch to Guidekick's new Ambiarc mapping technology mid-way through development. The Ambiarc tools create a full 3D map from multiple 2D blueprints and then allow you to apply materials and textures to create a beautiful 3D representation of your buildings, with extraordinary accuracy. We had to extend the Ambiarc SDK to provide all of the functionality we required for this extensive app.

Getty - Digital Label System

In January 2017, the Getty Museum began a major overhaul of the Getty Villa, which contains an extensive collection of coins, gems, and rings from around 3000 B.C. to around 600 A.D. As part of that overhaul they commissioned Guidekick to develop a digital kiosk which would take advantage of their state-of-the-art imaging laboratories to allow people to view all of these small objects in greater detail than you could ever see when viewed in a regular display case. To this end, The Getty wanted to deploy a 12.9" iPad Pro next to each physical case which would allow visitors to naturally zoom into each item and see details normally invisible to the naked eye.

California Migration Museum

CalMigration were looking to replace their existing mobile app with a new audio tours app that would allow them to create and edit tours via a CMS without making changes to the app itself. We collaborated with the fine folks at Spellerberg Associates who had been brought on to develop a coherent design for the app itself and the CalMigration website. 

Royal Mint Digital Experience

In early 2016, we had just published our third adventure game on Steam and were contracting on two further adventure games. A most unlikely confluence of circumstances (involving a theme park, a friend of the director, a ghost train, and an industrial estate in Guildford) led to us taking on a collaboration with Figment Productions for the Royal Mint Experience in Cardiff.

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